Laser Hair Removal


We use industry-leading Palomar Starlux 500 nm wavelength laser equipment for long-lasting hair removal for the face or body.

Hair removal and reduction services are available for women and men.

The process is generally more economical and comfortable than other methods of removing hair such as waxing.

How does it work?

The laser is passed over your skin where the unwanted hair is located. It emits a strong beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment in your hair. This passes into the hair’s root, reducing its ability to regrow.

The laser takes advantage of your hair growth cycles. The stage when laser hair removal is most effective is during the active growth phase. Around 85% of our hair is in this stage. In this stage the hair has plenty of pigment and is most able to absorb the energy emitted by the laser.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions required is dependent upon factors such as your skin and hair colour, the area that is being treated, as well as the coarseness and amount of hair needing to be removed.

Most people obtain long-lasting hair loss after 3 – 6 treatments that are usually conducted about 4 – 6 weeks apart. Some may require a yearly visit for hair removal maintenance thereafter.


Does it hurt?

The majority of people describe it as similar to a light flicking of an elastic band – and say that it is far more comfortable than some other types of hair removal treatments such as waxing.

If you are having hair removed from a sensitive part of the body, we can apply a topical anaesthetic to numb the area beforehand.

Are there any side effects?

In the vast majority of cases, we find that there are no significant side effects to laser hair removal, although some may experience a feeling similar to mild sunburn for a day or two.

What areas does you treat?

  • Face
  • Legs
  • Intimate areas
  • Back
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Feet